Earth Quake Activity

While in Japan, we were lucky enough to cruise the Isu peninsula in August.  We were on a sail training mission, and we had just pulled our anchor up to relocate to another part of the bay.  A few minutes later, the place where we had been anchored experienced an under sea volcano, and there was an explosion of the sea where we had been anchored.  We had noticed a lot of people ashore with loud hailers, apparently warning us (and other vessels) to leave the bay.  It's a bit of a sobering thought to think what it would have been like to be swallowed up by the sea.  On that same trip we were able to see Mt Fuji which is a beautiful sight.  However, we noticed on a clear night that there were lots of lights moving slowly in a diagonal path around the mountain.   As we had just recently returned from climbing Fuji, ourselves, we realised that they were the lanterns and torches of the people climbing Fuji during the night.  The accent begins at 2100 hours and descent is the following day after sunset. It's a relatively easy climb, so you see people of all ages, and some of them were very elderly."     Lyn Pickering
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