"Seeing and iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic.  It happened on one of the return crossings from St Thomas. We were sailing at about 40 degrees north, trying to find the best wind conditions.
Luckily we heard one night on the radio, that an iceberg was travelling quite far south and we realized that we would be crossing its path in a few hours, which happened to be about 2100 hours.  Although there are always a lot of extra crew on a passage, and in this case about 8 people, it was Alan and I who were on the night watch.  I remarked that I could smell land but knew there was no land for thousands of miles.  It's quite common to be able to smell land as you near a landmass.  For instance in Greece you can smell pines when you are coming close to some islands.  However, in this case we realized that the smell was from the bird guano on the iceberg.  Soon,  the air became very damp.  It made our hair wet, and the night began to look foggy, especially  eery in the spotlight.  As we got close enough to see the loom of the iceberg, we could hear all the sea birds squawking and squabbling as they were disturbed by the light.  It was quite a magical moment, and a few days later we experienced a total eclipse....".    Lyn Pickering
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