"Turmalin was always with us but we pursued our passion for the sea on other vessels..." recalls Lyn. While working on a Brigantine in England, Alan was asked to skipper Cariad (pictured above),  a sail training ship based in Japan.  Apart from the fact that Cariad was nearing her 100th birthday, it was an irresistible opportunity to work in Japan where there were very few pleasure vessels. It was also a challenge to be the only foreigners working in a Japanese company. A year on, the owners wanted to base the Cariad in Singapore so Alan and Lyn brought the ship to the 'Lion City' in 1990.

They've been based in Singapore ever since & Alan is now the Managing Director and owner of ProMetheus Marine Pte Ltd ( Turmalin, the yacht which has taken them on so many adventures is now available for charter in Singapore.  You too can enjoy a taste of that lifestyle and the fun aboard Turmalin, be it a day trip close to Singapore or a longer voyage to the East Coast of Malaysia, or Langkawi & Phuket.

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